CHARTS Studios

Charts Studios is a versatile recording space, accommodating artists and musicians.

Working with industry leaders. Our clients include, Disney, Apple, Audible and ITV.

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Live Room A

Live Room A is a medium-sized recording studio, which fits up to 10 musicians. It also boasts a grand piano and more:

  • Fully acoustically treated
  • Connects to the Control Room
  • Warm acoustic sound
  • Customisable LED mood lighting


Live Room A – 5.8m x 3.9m

Control Room/Live Room B

The Control Room consists of a cosy mixing studio and recording booth (Live Room B), with the ability to record, mix and master. Some features include:

  • Multiple monitoring systems
  • Connects to Live Room A and Live Room B
  • Vintage outboard EQ and Compressor
  • Customisable LED mood lighting


Control Room – 3m x 4.4m

Live Room B – 2.5m x 2.7m