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Welcome to Charts of London. We provide industry-leading orchestration, music preparation, transcription, conducting and librarian services.

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We draw upon a pool of orchestrators that understand the needs of modern composers, often working with digital formats and the frequent changes of versions of cues that have become the standard within the industry. With decades of experience in the professional music industry, we can take mockups to fully orchestrated scores with speed and accuracy that is hard to rival.

Music preparation

With the global need for sustainability, we at Charts are conscious of waste and recycle all paper that production companies do not require for storage. We use the highest quality paper to minimise misread and varying light conditions. As a result, our parts are the best in the business.

Session Librarians

We can provide a global service that ensures scores and parts arrive at any studio in the world on time and are organised for optimal efficiency with our librarians to manage during multi-day sessions. We can adapt to changes on the stand with mobile rigs, giving total flexibility to the score recording process.

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Many of our orchestrators are also accomplished conductors with many hundreds of session hours behind them.



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