Recording sessions are time-critical and expensive. We at Charts understand the need for precision and accuracy in all aspects of music score orchestration and preparation. As experienced professionals working at the highest level of film and television, we innately understand quality control.

Our team focuses on fast workflow and thorough checking of all aspects of our work. As a result, marker assurance is present in all aspects of our work leading to successful sessions with no time lost to part/score error.

From solo projects to full symphony orchestra and choir, we can provide printed scores and parts in standard and non-standard sizes to the highest quality. We lead the way in part presentation with high-quality paper aiding in good readability for musicians working under session conditions.

We prepare parts the way musicians want to see them and regularly take feedback to improve each project we undertake.

With offices and studios based just 10 minutes from both Abbey Road and Air studios, we have the closest facility in the industry.

Discretion is always assured as we operate under our own internal NDA policy for all projects.

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